Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+ - 1l Grow again and again with this reusable, all-natural soil alternative. Hydro-Gro+ is a pH neutral hydroponic growing medium which aerates roots and facilitates colonies of beneficial microbes. Encourages root growth Hydro-Gro+ promotes stronger, thicker roots that can reach further into the growing medium. Thanks to their increased size, they can take in more nutrients than ever. It’s also gentle enough to encourage more delicate roots and keep them healthy through the challenges of early life. Reduces risk of soil-borne disease Microlife in soil can be both a blessing and a curse - soil substrates are naturally full of diverse microbes which can help or hinder your plant. Soil has its many benefits but can also make plants more prone to certain diseases. Water is a naturally more gentle and inert growing medium, but of course it doesn’t have the useful microlife that soil does. Hydro-Gro+ combines these advantages while reducing the risk of soil-borne disease. Hydro-Gro+’s porous nature makes it a great home for beneficial bacteria, which can form a mutual relationship with your plants. The microbes feed off root matter and small amounts of nutrients in the root system. In return, they break nutrients down into smaller, more readily available forms for your plants. Plants will better take in the nutrients already available in their substrate, and you’re sure to see this reflected in their growth. Higher yields, stronger cell structure, and longer root networks are all a sure sign of healthier plants and more efficient nutrition. Natural, gentle formula Hydro-Gro+ is formulated to be pH neutral and chemically inert, and is made from eco-friendly materials. The stones’ soft, rounded shape also means that they will not damage the surrounding roots. Hydro-Gro+ can also be reused, making it highly efficient in terms of cost and environmental impact. Where to use Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+? Use Hydro-Gro+ in your hydroponic or aquaponic system for best results. Why choose Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+? 100% natural hydroponic growing medium; Increases root strength and distribution; Encourages beneficial bacteria; Safe for use with nutrients, additives, and fertilisers; pH neutral; Reusable; Reduces risk of soil-borne diseases.

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